be·spoke | adjective \bi-ˈspōk, bē-\

made to fit a particular person


Located in Ottawa, Canada, Derek Nzeribe and his team provide real estate developers with a unique & Bespoke Real Estate experience

Derek Nzeribe Real Estate is a full-service, boutique real estate sales group with TradeUp Real Estate Inc., which engages exclusively with developers in the pre-development planning and implementation of residential and mixed use development. 

Whether spearheading a project from conception or breathing new life into a project that has lost momentum, Derek and his team deliver innovative marketing and sales solutions across a multitude of scenarios and project sizes. By precisely defining appropriate target markets and tailoring customized solutions for each unique project, Derek provides unprecedented versatility in managing all types of residential developments.

Backed by a one-of-a-kind top advisory team, the unique comprehensive marketing approach has been the key to the success of some of the most innovative real estate ventures in today’s market.

Bespoke Client Services

  • Customized Market Research Solutions
  • Pre-development Planning and and Consultation
  • Marketing Advisory and Insight
  • Dedicated Onsite Sales Team
  • Customized Global Marketing Programs

Concierge Service

Our Concierge Service is offered exclusively to all of our valued clients. The valued Derek Nzeribe RE resources are at your fingertips. Derek Nzeribe Real Estate is dedicated to providing its clientele with the highest level of customer service – attention, courtesy and, of course, discretion – to all requests.